20th Century Research Paper Topics

First off, take advantage of what you know from before.Way too many students commit to a study in a field they know nothing at all about.

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I can go on for ages about stuff that you shouldn't do in your study, but I figure you may be interested in knowing what you can do to be remembered as a good student instead.I'm feeling pretty strongly on what I want to do.I've decided to look in detail into Welsh nationalism in the 20th century, as it's something i touched upon in a module last year and feel very strongly about.But coming up with the general topic was pretty easy — it was just a combination of two things that fascinate me: I've worked as a journalist for the last few years, and the Spanish Civil War was just a period of history that had always seemed interesting to me, long before I studied it in any detail.I eventually came up with my actual thesis while I was thinking about a much-recycled Philip Graham quote about the purpose of journalism: that it's the 'first rough draft of history' (a phrase I ended up using as my dissertation title.) It struck me as a really interesting prism through which to look at modern history: how does the narrative established by contemporary correspondents and editors affect the historiography?Avant-garde composers such as Edgard Varèse explored the manipulation of rhythms rather than the usual melodic/harmonic schemes.The tried and true genre of the symphony, albeit somewhat modified by this time, attracted such masters as Gustav Mahler and Dmitri Shostakovich, while Igor Stravinsky gave full rein to his manipulation of kaleidoscopic rhythms and instrumental colors throughout his extremely long and varied career.D (an idea I've been playing with more and more recently), that'd be the niche I'd want to write about.So I guess the tl;dr is: I wrote mine on the Roman Imperial Cult (surprise! I was originally going to write it with focus on Roman military history but I changed my mind to something that's less studied and more niched.I limited my work to a specific province (Lusitania) with the thought that the specific region had been properly integrated in the Roman empire by the 1st century AD (unlike ), which made it an interesting point of study.I limited myself in time to just the Julio-Claudian period, which turned out to be a good choice when I read more about about the cult during the study.


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