2nd Grade Writing Paper With Picture Box

2nd Grade Writing Paper With Picture Box-32
- [Voiceover] We're told that each square below represents one whole. So this square is a whole, this is another whole, so together that's two. And they say what decimal is represented by the shaded area?

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So instead of writing two and seven tenths, we could write 2.7.

So, if we wanted to write it as mixed number we'd write it as two and seven tenths, but they say what decimal is represented by the shaded area? They're equal, so they're divided into tenths, and we've shaded in five of them.

When we were finished we rolled a monster and wrote about it.

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And then they tell us that each blood drop in this pictograph represents 8 people. I'm going to do this in a new, different color.

So you could kind of view that as a scale of these graphs. So, for example, if you say how many people have A positive? But each of those blood drops represent 8 people, so it would be 56 people have type A positive.

Alright, let's do, let's do one more of these.

So this right over here would be nine hundredths, which is exactly what we have there. So I'll write zero point, if I did that that would be two tenths.

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