65 Successful Business School Application Essays Review

Even the most seasoned professionals find business school application essays to be among the hardest pieces they ever write.

They need arguments that grab admissions officers and don't let go.

And no matter what school you’re hoping for, the same strategies can help you get there, too. You don’t have to go through the process entirely alone.

In fact, you’ll need outside perspectives—after drafting, revising, re-revising and re-re-revising, you will lose your ability to be objective.

Did you lead a fundraising campaign for a preservation organization?

There’s absolutely no excuse for going over a word limit or making grammatical errors.I didn’t go to a prestigious private high school or Ivy League college.I also wasn’t an investment banker or a management consultant (I was an engineer).You should also have two or three other people review your essays to get some different perspectives, but be careful adding more than that—getting too many differing opinions may give you feedback whiplash.The best feedback-givers are people who have been accepted to the schools you’re applying to—they’re most familiar with the application process (and they obviously did something right).For example, did your weekend volunteering at a non-profit turn into you landing a board seat?If you’re passionate about mountain climbing, did you start with Mt.The best examples of charity hit on two points: they demonstrate your benevolence and also reinforce your stated passion.If you’re passionate about environmental sustainability, have you volunteered to speak to high school students on the topic?I did have good undergraduate grades and a great GMAT score—but I strongly suspect it was my essays that landed me my acceptances to both Harvard and Stanford.There were a few key principles that helped me when I was writing my essays.


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