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Remember that readers have to go through these rapidly and are looking for specific indicators.

to say that you can’t write about your courses or something related to your grades and test scores.

You just want to make sure you’re focused on aspects of your academic life that aren’t obvious from your transcript or other parts of your application.

On their website, The College Board offered their reasoning, saying, “a single essay has not contributed to the overall validity of the assessment.” College admissions officers began to cool to the idea of the impromptu essay relatively immediately, back in 2005.

“As a predictor of student success, a 25-minute essay isn’t going to tell us a great deal,” said Stephen J.

MY TIPS: You’re not writing a traditional academic essay. You should definitely make use of contractions, which enhance the flow of your essay.

You don’t need to structure your essay the way you usually do for school essays.Penn’s John Mc Laughlin, senior associate director for research and analysis, said in a press release that he believes removing the essay requirement may benefit first-generation Latinos and black applicants who are statistically less likely to “have complete testing profiles,” and who can “now meet our testing requirements.” This will do wonders to make the school more diverse and accessible.At this point there are many schools that still require the SAT essay. Ryan Hickey is the Managing Editor of Petersons and Essay Edge and is an expert in many aspects of college, graduate, and professional admissions.“Our internal analysis showed that the essay component of the SAT was the least predictive element of the overall writing section of the SAT.” This made the additional stress of preparing for the essay portion a waste of time.However, she was quick to add, “Not requiring the essay is in no way a reflection that writing is not a critical skill,” but rather that the university felt writing skill was well represented in grades from English courses and the essays that students already have to submit for their applications.In almost all cases, you should avoid writing a traditional opening paragraph.You can plunge readers right into the middle of an experience or have a opening paragraph that’s just one sentence long. Many of my students tuck a concluding sentence into the last main paragraph of their essay, which helps them avoid blah-sounding concluding paragraphs.And furthermore, (after assessment) it turned out that these essays didn’t make a good predictive measure for college success.That’s why, for their much-anticipated 2016 update of the SATs, The College Board announced they were doing away with the mandatory nature of the essay portion.One way to start coming up with interesting ideas for your Common App essay is to check out the instructions.I know this sounds ridiculously simplistic, but I’ve found that many students overlook these directions, and this neglect can lead to problems with your essay.


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