A Beautiful Mind Term Paper

While giving a lecture at Harvard University, he notices a group of people watching him and attempts to flee.

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However as the film continues, he starts becoming unstable as the film proceeds with paranoia taking the best of him.

Socially, Nash is very awkward in the sense that he does not know how to relate with women or even men who are not as bright as him.

Hutchinson’s theoretical perspectives will serve as guides in the analysis assisted by the work of various other writers.

Five theoretical perspectives have been used to analyze Nash’s situation in relation to the society in which he lives.

He receives insulin shock therapy and is released from the facility on condition that he promises to take antipsychotic medication.

Unfortunately, the drugs that he is prescribed to negatively affect his intellectual capacity and the frustration that ensues puts a strain on his marriage.

It is then that he is convinced that he has been hallucinating.

He discovers that the meetings with Marcee, Charles’ niece as well as the encounters with Parcher have all been figments of his imagination.

Later, Nash returns to Princeton where he meets Charles, his former roommate and Charles’ niece, Marcee.

He also meets William Parcher (Ed Harris), a mysterious agent who invites him to the United States Defense Department located at the Pentagon for an assignment.


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