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This to an extent shows the validity of the statement whether a classical approach is no longer suitable to existing organisations and change. Henri Fayol A Classical Management Administrative Theorist Commerce Essay [Internet]. [Accessed 6 September 2019]; Available from: https://

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In modern day organisations minimum wage legislation has also been introduced, this therefore limits the productivity of its employee’s; however organisations are now implementing targets and bonus incentive schemes which allow workers to earn above their minimum wage.

This shows although scientific management and classical management differ, organisations are trying to adapt to various different management theories which allow them to maximise their performance.

However in modern organisations, various different types of hierarchy structures can be implemented inorder to suit the business needs.

For example Flat structure and Matrix structure, the flat structure gives employee’s more decision making responsibility with fewer layers of management from the director to the worker, on the other hand a matrix structure has various management and supervisory layers from top to bottom.

Frederick Taylor also found in his studies that non-incentive wage systems allowed lower productivity as workers that are receiving the same wage regardless of the output.

“Non-incentive wage systems encourage low productivity if the employee will receive the same pay regardless of how much is produced, assuming the employee can convince the employer that the slow pace really is a good pace for the job.” (netmba.com, 2003) this quote also shows that employee’s tried to dodge the time and motion study in fear that employers will set new time benchmarks. 7 Advantages to Writing Business Policies and Procedures. Organisations are becoming larger in scale and are beginning to operate in a variety of worldwide markets, managing change and its employee’s is becoming increasingly difficult therefore having to adapt to different management approaches in order to stay competitive, furthermore this leads back to whether the classical/modernist approach is still appropriate to this time and age.Henri Fayol a classical management administrative theorist has developed 14 principles which give managers fundamental basic guidelines to follow.You can view samples of our professional work here.Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of UK Essays.A classical management technique aims to investigate the operations within an organisation in order to improve efficiency.Henri Fayol is one of many classical management theorists who has created a 14 principle model, some of which included are, that workers are only motivated by money, encouraging a centralised organisation with lower subordinates and enable authority and responsibility.On the other hand another classical management theorist named Max Weber believed that organisations should have a well-defined hierarchy, a clear division of labour, rules and regulations, impersonal relationships between managers and employee’s, competence and records. To an extent some of Max Weber’s theory still exists in 21st century management. Henri Fayol A Classical Management Administrative Theorist Commerce Essay. Centralisation has always been a favourable approach for organisations in the early 1900’s.However due to the growing scale of organisations today, centralisation has become less favourable for large organisations, this is because they feel need to supervise and manage its large employee base.


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