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36 percent said they are here for train trip and 31 percent said on road. 0 percent vote for low quality, 8 percent vote for fair and 39 percent visitors said quality of services was good in Cambridge.2 percent use to spend time by horse carriage trip. All visitors vote for sightseeing tour with 5 percent, local transportation with 20 percent, food and beverages with 31 percent, accommodation with 9 percent and 24 percent they consumed other facilities and services. 20 percent said quality of service was very good and 8 percent vote for excellent. In the last, simple question were asked and that is will they visit Cambridge again?

Age of 41 percent were in between 18 to 30 years and 26 percent were in between 31 to 40 years.

12 percent were in between 41 to 40 and remaining were above 41.

13 visitors out of total 39 said that they are visiting very first time Cambridge and 9 visitors sad they have second trip.

6 visitors said they have third trip and 11 visitors are enjoying their fourth or more trip.

Question about occupation, 36 percent visitors said that they are currently unemployed and 31 percent visitors were students.

10 percent were businessmen and outside the Cambridge and 21 percent are doing job anywhere.

With the help of questionnaire and other methods used in our research, Tourists’ motivation and experience towards Cambridge, different opinion collected from real visitors.

Results showed that most of visitors are male, under 40 years age, students, employed and businessmen, and visiting Cambridge for more than 2 time and willing to revisit it again.

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