A Knock At The Door Essay

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There have got to be at least fifty houses within easy walking distance—it’s the kind of well-planned neighborhood that is a trick-or-treater’s dream. They don’t have time to chat with a stranger on this gorgeous Sunday afternoon. Except that, after I’ve been going house to house for an hour or so, I get a handful of negative responses in a row, and suddenly I’m painfully self-conscious. A young woman comes rushing around the side of the house, where she must have been working in the yard. The encounters that leave me feeling raw are the ones where people make it clear that what I’m doing is annoying, a waste of their time.

Before I get out of the car, I check my face in the mirror and practice my smile and my spiel: “Hi! I’m going door to door, talking to people about a candidate in the upcoming election . With distance, I can recognize that the people who treated me like a pest might have had their reasons.


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