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The story also has themes redolent of the tales of Wild West: the arguments between those who want to fence the land and the earlier settlers who want the land left free and open; the fiercely independent spirits of those who dared to settle and conquer this hazardous, uncivilized land.

It’s especially negative because it trains very young students to shut off their thought processes, which otherwise probably would have led them to some interesting conclusions, based on what they have discovered during the very process of writing their essays.

So even if students have done some good analysis in their middle (body) paragraphs, they are at sea when it comes to drawing their thoughts together into a galvanizing proclamation full of punch and power.

His attitude towards the Native Americans is one of friendly coexistence, and as his son Zech grows up, he inherits this attitude, and falls in love with a young Seminole woman—instead of choosing between her and the white woman he marries, he loves them both, thus symbolizing the tenuous “marriage” of the two cultures, and the influence of each upon the other.

The story also exhibits the ways in which this uncultured land, like the west, equalizes the races, as African-American ranch hand, “Frog” becomes part of the warp and woof of the Mac Ivey family.

It pulls powerfully at the spirits of those of us who love the pioneer character, with all of its bravery, faults, and independence of mind: the spirit which created America.⸸ “All I’m trying to tell you is to be strong. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to love, or to grieve when the thing you love is gone.

Just don’t let it throw you, no matter how much it hurts.” ― Patrick D.

Each man represents (and furthers) a specific era in the development of Florida.

Tobias, the patriarch, is the one most in tune with nature, as with his wife and baby he attempts to survive in the free, open lands while battling the elements.

Yes, students must learn the framework of building a paper, but no, they should not be taught to follow restrictive steps which do not involve the process of applying what they’ve learned.

They must have the freedom to draw their own conclusions about the written “discussion” they have just engaged in with the reader.


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