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Which made me think about it, and it was really just Saroo writing his story.It’s actually interesting to compare it to , and how Amanda had a co-writer and how much different her book felt to Nigel’s book.And it’s a woman that finds him, takes care of him, but then leaves him when he won’t listen to her.

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It’s hard to believe that it’s actually a true story, and that a lot of kids have it a lot worse than Saroo for far longer. The entire movie I just kept thinking how lucky I was just to be born where I was born, to my specific parents.

I remember the exact moment I started crying during the film — when Saroo is lost in Kolkata and he is in the train station sitting across from the other poor kids. What a privileged life I (and everyone I know) lives.

It is difficult to put in words, but I feel that perhaps there is something in the West we have lost in our impersonal suburbs and emphasis on individualism.

I am not a religious person, and that likely won’t change in a major way, but I am keen to learn more about the customs and beliefs of my Indian family, and to see if they offer some guidance for me. Obviously, none are right are wrong — we are just all different and have to figure out what works best for us.

One of the other kids pushes out a piece of cardboard for him to sleep on, and he goes and lies down on it. Thinking about all the poor, hungry kids all over the world.

The kids who get abused and/or sold into slavery of all kinds, and how there are sick disgusting people out there doing the selling and buying and all the gross terrible other things.Though brought up Catholic, in a culture where women were expected to bear children, she and Dad thought the world had enough children born into it already, with many millions of them in dire need.They agreed that there were other ways to create a family beyond having children themselves.I actually have a friend who wanted to adopt a child first and then have her own.From what I can remember she wanted the adopted child to know that they really wanted him and they felt by adopting first before having one, that was a way to show that (not that he’d understand until later in life, but still).Saroo’s other brother, Kallu, wasn’t shown or spoke of in the movie.In the book when Saroo is lost in Kolkata it’s actually a man that he meets who seems nice and then he can tell he is going to sell him or something so he runs away.I’d compare Saroo’s book more to Nigel’s — it felt like someone just telling you their story.While Amanda’s book was her story, it was told in such an elegant way.Nothing wrong with how Saroo or Nigel did it — still very captivating stories and I tore through both of the books, but Amanda’s book was so professional. I didn’t cry while reading the book, but was really impacted by the story. It’s exactly what I pictured in my head when reading the book.Then I saw the movie with one of the girls from my book club, and I am a changed person. The screenplay sticks pretty close to the exact story, with just a few minor things changed or left out.


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