A Week In Bed Due To Injury Essay

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After which he started work around 11 PM (as Begley points out, the letter- and diary-writing took up at least an hour a day, and more usually two), and then “depending on my strength, inclination, and luck, until one, two, or three o’clock, once even till six in the morning.” Then “every imaginable effort to go to sleep,” as he fitfully rested before leaving to go to the office once more.

This routine left him permanently on the verge of collapse.

Even the toughest of poets and strongest of Hemingways would have to admit that “writer” is not a particularly dangerous job.

(Unlike, say, fisherman, miner, logger, knife-thrower assistant.) Unless, that is, you count the risks of carpal tunnel and a sedentary lifestyle—which are real enough, but not exactly sonnet-worthy.

From the left corner, Le Bron darted toward Porzingis before rising up for a sky-high one-handed slam.

Instead of challenging James at the rim, Porzingis ducked away, like a matador.But here's the thing: It almost never happens, and for reasons most people don't realize.As it turns out, the fourth-quarter dunk is a rare phenomenon.The Cavs would win by seven, with the Knicks mustering just 12 points in the fourth, tying their then-season low.For the NBA, Le Bron's slam was the stuff of dreams: A superstar soaring for a game-clinching dunk is the very thing that sells tickets, spikes ratings and launches Vines.More fascinating: The overall frequency falls 24 percent when teams play on zero days' rest versus one day off, dropping from 5.5 dunks per game to 4.2.The upshot: It took a dog-tired Knicks team on the road against a fresh Cavs squad to produce that James highlight. TO THE UNTRAINED EYE, Kristaps Porzingis looked fresh and rested as he walked into the Quicken Loans Arena for a late-December game in Cleveland.For the past three months, it had been systematically trashed by the NBA's silent killer: its grueling 82-game schedule.Rand wound up firing her agent and finally getting in touch with Archibald Ogden, an editor at the Bobbs-Merrill Company, who basically forced his bosses to let him buy the book. It was then she turned to Benzedrine, which allowed her to write at an unprecedented clip, and she finally turned in the completed manuscript, one day before the deadline. Rand’s reliance on the drug led to “mood swings, irritability, emotional outbursts, and paranoia,” and according to biographer Jennifer Burns, “by the time the book was complete Rand’s doctor diagnosed her as close to a nervous breakdown and ordered her to take two weeks of complete rest.” If you’re familiar with his work, it isn’t particularly surprising to find out that Franz Kafka put himself through emotional and physical hell to get his writing done.As Zadie Smith outlined it in : At the Assicurazioni Generali, Kafka despaired of his twelve-hour shifts that left no time for writing; two years later, promoted to the position of chief clerk at the Workers’ Accident Insurance Institute, he was now on the one-shift system, AM until PM. Lunch until , then sleep until , then exercises, then a family dinner.


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