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Introduction Mao Zedong led the people of China through a revolution, transforming the old China into the new, Communist China, however can it really be said that he was a revolutionary hero? A revolutionary hero must posses certain skills and qualities; they must lead their people through violence, have their own ideology, and be able to inspire others. Mao demonstrated the use of violence many times throughout his rule, however the most important were the Long March, the Great Leap Forward, and the Cultural Revolution. Much of the government was purged, including former leader Liu Shaoqi, who died in prison in 1969.

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At the end of it the Red guards were the only ones still engaged and Mao had, to call upon the army to disband them.21 The Red Guards were responsible for millions of deaths across the country, the Red Guard was comprised of teenage students who had been born and raised during Mao's time in power, since they knew no other leader they earnestly followed him, without paying attention to whether it was actually the right thing to do.

They formed an angry mob and attacked many authority figures, even old Communist officials, who had been members of the Communist party since the Long March.

The artist's intention was the give the impression of a joy and wonderful event.

The painting portrays a celebration of the Chinese people, which shows the unity of the country.

Use the source and your knowledge of the period to explain your answer.

The newspaper in Mao's time was censored by the government before publishing to public.

All of the media in China were under totalitarian state.

From the extract, "Chairman Mao, our most respected and beloved great leader" It tries to promote the typical personality and to convince people how great Mao is.

This movement resulted in the senseless destruction of books, temples, and art.

Brandishing little red books of Quotations of Chairman Mao, the uniformed Red Guards broke into and ransacked the houses of intellectuals and officials, denouncing them and parading them through the streets with dunce caps on their heads.


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