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The steps below can help you affirm your competence on the topic of abortion whether dealing with pro abortion arguments or anti abortion arguments.It is vital for you to note that they are not a directive on where to start, but instead, they will act as a guide to writing a top-notch thesis statement for abortion. It is advisable to have a mastery of the English language for you to pull off your academic papers, especially if you are dealing with a sensitive topic such as abortion.

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An expository statement discusses abortion without drawing any conclusion.

Analytical statements, on the other hand, analyze an area on abortion without concluding a position.

Argumentative and persuasive statements both support a particular position.

A persuasive statement tries to convince the reader to agree to your point of view, whereas in an argumentative statement, the writer tries to convince the reader not only to agree to a particular position but why also the opposite view is not true.

This brings the complexity of writing a thesis statement on a divisive topic such as abortion even worse.

Since most students face the same challenge, we have come up with a guide that will assist you as you embark on the journey of writing academic papers that are based on abortion.

Therefore, vocabulary such as Abortion, partial-birth abortion, viable, late-term abortion, fetus, rape, incest is vital in your paper.

Many arguments on abortion are based on religion, and you will need to study many Holy books` opinions on abortion.

Abortion is one the highly most searched for on the internet, hence making it a very rich resource.

Nonetheless, you`ll be faced with the challenge of getting the right facts at a go.


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