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Make sure that they understand what they need to do.

In particular, be certain they understand the directions completely.

What this provides is a way to make it easy to have all the materials they need and to keep them on task.

If you know what your child’s assignments are, you should review them together.

At the beginning of the school year, meet with your child’s teacher (or teachers) to find out what the expectations are regarding homework.

Try to work out a system where they can let you know what homework will be assigned either on a week-to-week basis or for the whole semester.

Moving now to the home front, it’s important, if possible, to have a quiet time in the home where there’s no TV and no other media to distract your child.

You might even stop phone calls during homework time.

Many teachers are even willing to keep you informed by e-mail.

You should check with your child’s teachers periodically to make sure that things are going well.


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