Adoption Is Better Than Abortion Essay

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And within a week, I was put into foster care where I remained for three months until I was adopted.

I found Gloria in 1999, when my daughter was eleven months old and my need to know became insatiable.

Gloria’s life was one of wealth, expectation, and dreams of something bigger.

*Just like mine.*When she arrived at North Carolina’s Greensboro Women’s College, Gloria was already different.

With every detail, with every similarity, with every photograph, it wasn’t Gloria I was finding, it was myself.

I was just like her, and being and looking like someone healed wounds I didn’t know I had.My birthmother died on January 11th, 1995, exactly one day before January 12th, 1995. She never met me, she never had other children, and she kept my birth a secret for her entire life. Her brother was the only person who knew of my birth, and she kept me for three months before deciding she could not manage motherhood on her own. Within hours of my birth -never named, known only as Baby Girl Gerwin- I was surrendered for adoption.Within days, Gloria was whisked back to her wealthy parents in Memphis.She spent weekends at her father’s Manhattan apartment in the Carlisle, visiting her brother at Columbia, shopping at Bergdorf’s, drinking martinis.By the time she set sail for her junior year in France *I did my junior year in France* she was already sophisticated and worldly. I know little of Gloria’s life from when she returned from France to when she arrived in New York.I am grateful to everyone who forgave my lies and welcomed me in.Each person I found generously shared whatever information they had, and each recounted stories of Gloria that vividly brought her to life.In truth, LDS Family Services does not need your money, but they do need you to tell others about their many services, especially those who will benefit as they make the difficult choice as to what steps to take as they deal with an unexpected pregnancy.I am the innocent child that some are determined to protect.Their unwed parent services include counseling, medical, and educational assistance, along with the adoption services if the parents so chose.If a mother chooses to give her child up for adoption, LDS Family Services will guide her through the entire process.


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