Advantage And Disadvantage Of Internet Essay Spm

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Consequently, There is no debate about an application of the Internet that is the best way to learn knowledge.

In addition, as expanded rate of the Internet, many private schools promote their online based classes.

To start with, it is one of the advantages of the Internet to communicate with people who live other countries and to share their perperites.

It is evident that students can access a lot of studying materials, such as foreign languages, literatures and developed technologies.

By having less time with their buddies, they can feel depressions and loneliness easily.

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They don’t feel comfortable with talking to their friends face to face or talking about their personal topics, because they get used students responded to the questions on positive perception toward internets by rating with high percentage score for their agreement upon the internet itself is a beneficial tool.With the help of the Internet, students can learn more effectively.#1 (permalink) Mon Jun 21, 2010 am With the help of the Internet, students can learn more effectively.In the midst of this technological explosion, we might stop and ask some key questions. Clicking on an unwanted pop-up, which can appear on most sponsored sites, is enough to transport you to illegal websites.The viewing of inappropriate content isn't the only problem one can encounter.the children to take a long travel from their home to the deep in the ocean, top of Mt. Disadvantages for children to watch television would be they spend less time on physical activities and social relations with their friends.Children’s body are growing up by physical activities such as playing basketball, baseball or biking, however children who spend more time on watching television might have some difficulties on growing up.An Anti-Virus program is a must have for every internet user.It blocks and detects viruses, though one can never be sure; it's better to check and double check whatever you're downloading.Especially, aspects of education, I strongly believe that the Internet is a prudent solution about a cost of social problem which is over concentrating on private classes.Also, it can support students in terms of study methods.


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