Alacrity Alleviate Antithesis Appall

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ANT: Pretext, pretence, misinterpretation, falsification, misconception, disproof, unreasonableness, absurdity, fallacy, irrationality, wrong, unreason, impropriety, unfairness, folly, aimlessness, unaccountableness.

SYN: reference, aspect, connection, narration, proportion, bearing, affinity, homogeneity, association, relevancy, pertinency, fitness, harmony, ratio, relative, agreement, kinsman, kindred, appurtenancy.

SYN: Prompt, alert, expeditions, speedy, unhesitating, dexterous, apt, skilful, handy, expert, facile, easy, opportune, fitted, prepared, disposed, willing, free, cheerful, compliant, responsive, quick.

ANT: Unready, tardy, slow, hesitating, reluctant, dubitating, awkward, unhandy, clumsy, remote, inaccessible, unavailable, inopportune, ununited, unfitted, unprepared, indisposed, unwilling, constrained, grudging, unaccommodating, incompliant, irresponsive.

R and K were regularly mixed, so ROCK could be rendered as KOCR – if it managed to get the circular letters correct. SYN: Luminosity, radiance, beam, gleam, phosphorescence, scintillation, [See ], flash, brightness, brilliancy, effulgence, splendor, blaze, candle, lamp, lantern, explanation, instruction, illumination, understanding, interpretation, day, life.

Just one example of variation is to be found in the rendering of the coded abbreviation for SYNONYM, ‘SYN.’ It might be rendered with a period, comma, both or none; and some of these variations were recorded: \ BTH \ 2v N. SYN: Imponderous, portable, unweighty, buoyant, volatile, easy, digestible, scanty, active, unencumbered, empty, slight, gentle, unsteady, capricious, vain, frivolous, characterless, thoughtless, unthoughtful, unconsidered, inadequate, incompact, unsubstantial, inconsiderable, not_difficult, bright, whitish, trifling.

SYN: Abated, sunk, depressed, stunted, declining, deep, subsided, inaudible, cheap, gentle, dejected, degraded, mean, abject, base, unworthy, lowly, feeble, moderate, frugal, reprieved, subdued, reduced, poor, .

ANT: Elevated, lofty, tall, amending, rising, high, exorbitant, violent, loud, excited, elated, eminent, considerable, influential, high-minded, honorable, proud, strong, aggravated, intensified, raised, wealthy, rich.

SYN: Accessible, free, available, unshut, unfolded, public, free, unrestricted, unreserved, unaffected, genuine, barefaced, undisguised, above-board, liberal, unclosed, candid, frank, ingenuous, unsettled, undetermined.

SYN: Level, even, flat, smooth, open, clear, unencumbered, unobstructed, uninterrupted, manifest, evident, obvious, unmistakable, simple, easy, natural, unaffected, homely, unsophisticated, open, unvarnished, unembellished, unreserved, artless.


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    Alacrity. alacritys. alarm. alarmed. alarming. alarmingly. alarmist. alarmists. allergys. alleviate. alleviated. alleviates. alleviating. alleviation. alleviations. alley. alleys. antithesis. antithesiss. antithetical. antithetically. antitoxin. antitoxins. antitrust. apotheosizes. apotheosizing. appal. appall. appalled. appalling. appallingly.…

  • Occasional Paper #36 Larry Minear, Ted van Baarda, and.

    Not have moved with such alacrity to respond. That fact in. stop the killing in Kosovo and to “put an end to the appall-. gressive military operations” as antithetical to its own work. Another. And four, there is an urgent need to relieve the.…

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    Airstrip · airtight · airway · airwoman · airworthiness · airworthy · airy · airy-fairy · aisle · ajar · aka · akimbo · akin · alacrity · alarm · alarmed · alarming · alarmingly.…


    Antithesis. 386. assignment. 39. accelerate. 155. agonize. 271. antitrust. 387. accomplish. 167. alacrity. 283. appall. 399. atheist. 52. accomplishment. 168. alarm. alleviate. 297. appoint. 413. attest. 66. acme. 182. alley. 298. apportion. 414.…

  • A COMPLETE DICTIONARY - Project Gutenberg

    SYN soothe, alleviate, repress, mitigate, quiet, moderate, appease, compose, soften. SYN Life, vivacity, liveliness, airlines, cheerfulness, briskness, alacrity.…

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    Vocabulary 4000 alacrity swiftness albatross large sea bird albino lacking. without proof allegiance loyalty allegory fable allegro fast alleviate lessen. obsolete antiquity ancient times antithesis direct opposite apartheid racial. who abandons one's faith apotheosis deification appall horrify apparition.…

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    Al Alabama Alabamans Alabamian alabaster alacrity Aladdin Alameda Alamo. allergic allergies allergy alleviate alleviated alleviates alleviating alleviation alley. antisubmarine antisymmetric antisymmetry antithesis antithetical antithyroid. Appalachians appall appalled appalling appallingly Appaloosas appanage.…

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    Attenuate, weaken, bate; alleviate, mitigate, allay, palliate, assuage. footedness, spryness, sprightliness; celerity, alacrity, legerity, Brit.…

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    Alleviate. provide physical relief, as from pain. alliteration. use of the same consonant at the beginning. capable of relieving pain. antithesis.…

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    Alacrity, n Quickness of response, Briskness Not wanting to waste any time on formalities. Alleviate, v Make less burdensome or severe, lessen Though the. was completely antithetical to the norms of a market economy. syn Corollary. Appall, v Dismay; Shock I was appalled at the sight of the rich businessman.…

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