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Continually, we hear the Muslim characters crying out religions phrases like “As-Salamu Alaykum” and “Praise Allah” as if they were old women playing Bingo.Turbans are set on fire, their feathers fall down into their eyes.

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It takes an American character to do that, it would seem.

I think that it’s fairly clear that the film is an indictment of Middle Eastern culture, and calls for westerners to come in and change them. Muslim Religion – Christianity gets serious treatment in Disney films such as mocks and trivializes the Islamic religion repeatedly.

The treasure cave that Aladdin goes into calls him an “infidel” for the monkey merely touching a giant ruby.

It’s all made to be a comic spectacle worthy of American derision, with obvious patriotic motives toward the recent (and future) operations in the Middle East.

She tells her father, “I hate being forced into this.

If I do marry, I want it to be for love” and then later, “I’ve never done anything on my own.Furthermore, the whole story is implying that an Arab state will naturally lead to totalitarianism if not interfered with.The Sultan even says that the kingdom needs somebody of Aladdin’s character.An example of this is seeing the Arab prince who only has contempt for the common people starving outside the palace walls (when they aren’t busy getting their hands chopped off), but we cheer when Jasmine rejects him.In case this message wasn’t clear enough, Jasmine and Aladdin then escape from the palace on his magic carpet and they sing “Whole New World,” on their world tour.Introduction: Since Disney’s creation of a string of WWII propaganda films in the 40s and his later testimony in the House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947, Disney has been highly political.The media that it churns out imposes an America-Centric, Christian, and middle-class value system, and is no different. By January 1991, US troops, along with Saudis and those of other nations deployed their own troops to the tiny Persian Gulf nation.Please Change Us – All of the characters that we are supposed to like hate the world that they live in, with the possible exception of the Sultan who is depicted as too stupid to understand their qualms.– Our young heroine wants a more democratic legal system that would allow her to marry whoever she wants.This is made clear through the characters’ appearances and voices.Aladdin does not look Arab at all, and in fact was intentionally modeled on Tom Cruise.


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