All The Pretty Horses Questions For Discussion And Essay

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  Upset by the disappearance of cattle-ranching in their home state of Texas, two adol...

Read more Through life's obstacles, there occurs moments in a lifetime in which one undergoes a true test of character, strength and abilities.

In four sections, All the Pretty Horses introduces the coming of age tale of John Grady Cole.

Chapter 1 begins in 1949 and the story starts with Cole returning from attending his grandfather's funeral.

At different points in the book he compares them to "young thieves in a glowing orchard" (p. Might the boys' suffering be seen as warranted by earlier transgressions? How do the novel's characters feel about the deaths they cause? What role does history play in Mc Carthy's narrative?

What sort of moral system applies within the universe of this book? At a time when graphic and gratuitous descriptions of mayhem are standard in much popular fiction for purposes of mere shock and titillation, does Mc Carthy succeed in restoring to violence its ancient qualities of pity and terror? To what extent are his characters products of a particular era? Although the occurrences in All the Pretty Horses are, strictly speaking, plausible and its human voices, in particular, are nothing if not realistic, the book also contains a strong mythic component. What specific myths and fairy tales does the book suggest?

He returns to San Angelo with all the possessions with which he began his journey - his horses, his pride.

The coming-of-age novel warrants its own genre, since its characteristics are so entrenched: hero or heroine rebels against family, finds love unexpectedly, loses their innocence as a result of consummating or sacrificing this love.

The theme of sacred violence, then, has two components - human's innate affinity for bloodshed and the futility of denying this affinity.

We see examples of this human instinct once John Grady and Rawlins arrive at the La Purisima ranch.


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