Alternatives To Prosecution Essay

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The longer I practice law—more than three decades now—the more it is so.

Maybe this is inevitable for a career indigent defense lawyer; a certain bitterness might come with the territory.

Article Prosecutorial Disclosure and Negotiated Guilty Pleas by Kevin C. Bennett Gershman is a prominent and articulate voice in a chorus of critics who complain both that the scope of required disclosure is unduly narrow and that there is inadequate adherence to and enforcement of the Brady...

Mc Munigal The scope and enforcement of prosecutorial disclosure obligations have generated great controversy in the more than five decades since Justice Douglas wrote his seminal opinion in Brady vs. Article Coaxing, Coaching and Coercing: Witness Preparation by Prosecutors Revisited by Daniel S.

Interviewing witnesses before trial allows prosecutors to gauge the strength and factual basis of their case, determine the sequence of the presentation, and alert witnesses about evidentiary rules to prevent them from revealing prejudicial information.

The failure to prepare witnesses could even violate...

I have greatly admired his work, and his scholarship over the past years has inspired and informed mine.

While we occasionally have disagreed on implementation strategies, we share a core commitment to the prosecutor’s mission as a minister of justice to seek the truth and not...

Some scholars challenge the utility of the concept or criticize it as being vague to the point of it being...

Article The Prosecutors I Like: A Very Short Essay by Abbe Smith Generally speaking, I don’t like prosecutors.


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