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"If there are things you don't like in the world you grew up in, make your own life different" (Dave Thomas). The world she grew up in was a web spun from threads of stereotypes, racism, and gender inequality.

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Amelia Earhart lived a life brimming with adventure, but it was not in vain.

Her goal in life was not to be the best aviator or set the most records--it was to benefit humanity.

She believed that women could do what men could do, and decided that she would not limit herself because of what others assumed of women.

Instead of conforming to stereotypical assumptions, she tried to break gender barriers.

Her persistence led her to be one of the greatest female aviators in history and a prominent women's rights advocate: "It was clear in my mind that I was undertaking the flight because I loved flying. It was, in a measure, a self-justification--a proving to me, and to anyone else interested, that a woman with adequate experience could do it" (Amelia Earhart).

Earhart's mind was sharp and clear when she decided to fly solo across the Atlantic, which was a seemingly preposterous idea.When they fail, their failure must be but a challenge to others"(Amelia Earhart).Earhart's courage and optimism challenged people's expectations of women's rights and capabilities.Even though Amelia Earhart loved flying more than life itself, she flew for her beliefs: "Though she flew 'for the fun of it,' as she said, and left fragments of verse which suggest her romantic approach to flying, she undertook these flights also as a standard-bearer of her sex, for she was deeply committed both intellectually and by temperament to the cause of feminism" (Dictionary of American Biography).This shows that she enjoyed flying, but what fueled her will was to set an example, or to be "as a standard-bearer of her sex," to other women who felt inferior to men.Her determination allowed her to have an unwavering belief in feminism and therefore a reason to challenge stereotypes.The will, persistence, and determination Earhart manifested towards her flying career portrayed a woman with an unshakable belief in equality of men and women. From her early ages to her mysterious disappearance, she was known for her fierce independence.Helping them are those who put the theories to practical use.That women will share in these endeavors, even more than they have in the past, is my wish--and prophecy"(Amelia Earhart).Earhart undertook a perilous mission to fly solo across the whole world, something that nobody tried to do before, in hopes that one day there would be equality.Not only did Earhart become a role model for women, she also made a lasting impression on the future of humanity: "All kinds of minds in all kinds of schools and laboratories, or alone in cubby-holes, are trying to work out theoretical details of efficient flight.


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