Among The Hidden Essay

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There are many themes in Among the Hidden but this lesson focuses on four main ones: friendship, family, freedom, and courage.

When the story of Among the Hidden begins, Luke does not have any friends.

Luke, like all third children, must spend his days hidden or away from public view.

When the government starts building houses in the woods behind the Garners' house, Luke is forced to hide inside his house, in total isolation from the outside world.

Although Luke doesn't always get along with his brothers and doesn't always agree with his parents, family is everything to Luke.

It's also clear that to Luke's parents, family is very important.

Luke Garner, a twelve-year-old child, lives on a farm with his mother, father, and two brothers, Matthew and Mark.

As a third child, Luke and his parents are in violation of the law.

Try it risk-free Among the Hidden is a dystopian young adult novel by Margaret Peterson Haddix.

This is the story about the main character, Luke Gardner, who is a third child.


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