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Sleeping all day and writing all night, she produced, besides the anthologies, 10 volumes of poetry.

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But she had made a bitter enemy in Pound and would alienate T. Eliot '10 (who once called her a "demon saleswoman").

The two men would become towering figures of Modernism who could sometimes make or break writers, but they were not yet behemoths and Lowell's career blossomed despite them.

The Charleston letters were written not by literary critics attacking her Imagism, but by proud Southerners angry that a Yankee had dishonored their magnolias.

If Lowell had chosen her battles more carefully, the literary vanguard might not have abandoned her so quickly.

There are no age restrictions and poets do not need to be enrolled at university or college.

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The amount of the prize money is adjusted each year for inflation.Published poets can supply one printed volume plus 20 typed pages of their most recent work.Applications must be submitted via mail (email and fax are not accepted). The scholarship is administered by the trustees of the will of Amy Lowell at the law firm of Choate, Hall and Stewart in Boston.Crushed by the critical response, Lowell determined to earn a place in the avant-garde.She was drawn to the economy, precision, and power of Imagism and began experimenting with it.Then again, she might also never have been as influential.In an introduction to The Complete Poetical Works of Amy Lowell, Louis Untermeyer wrote, perhaps with a tinge of remorse, that "succeeding generations have a habit of reversing contemporary estimates and it is...likely that she will be enthusiastically rediscovered." That has not happened yet.Still, sustaining her influence took determination. Lowell's temper and thin skin were legendary: she once feuded via Poetry magazine with citizens of South Carolina.Her poem "Magnolia Gardens" describes her disappointment at finding the blooms at a famous Charleston garden a "Hateful,/Reeking with sensuality,/Bestial, obscene" shade of magenta.(PDF) and there is also the option of providing a brief CV.Unpublished poets should provide a sample of their work of up to 40 typed pages.


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