An Essay On Examination Malpractice

Fibessima, (2002) identified the effect of examination malpractice as a production of half baked graduates form academic institution, retarded educational growth and development, false sense of value and impression of students capability as well as loss of confidence in candidates who are involved in examination malpractice. What are the causes of examination malpractice among students? Lack of preparation amongst students for examination. Does poor moral upbringing of students in the society cause them to engage in examination malpractice? Do poor teaching habits of teachers cause students to engage in examination malpractices? Could lack of preparation of students for an examination be responsible for their involvement in examination malpractice? Do poor conditions under which examination are conducted such as inappropriate sitting arrangement and poor supervision cause students in examination malpractice? Do most students who engage in examination malpractice perform poorly in their after school? Will a society where students are involved in examination malpractice suffer lack of skill manpower?

1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM The issue of examination malpractice has become a frequent practice in Ilaje Local government Area in Ondo State just it is in other states of the federation. In order to carryout the research successfully, the following underlying problems are to be investigated: 1. 1.4 HYPOTHESIS The following are hypothesis derived from the research question: 1.

These established that student’s study habits could either be good and effective or poor and ineffective.

Generally, it has been observed that most of the new generation of students all over the world do not like to study hard (Bauer, 2002; Larson, 2003).

Study habits and examination anxiety have been found to affect academic performances either positively or negatively (Culler and Holahan, 1980; Spielberger and Vagg, 1987; Morakinyo, 1986; Birenbaurn and Pinku, 1997; Kagu, 2000).

These studies and a plethora of others, found that highly examination-anxious students typically have poor study habits as well as negative, non-productive attitude towards academic work hence they perform poorly in examinations.

In order to do this effectively, teachers, examining bodies like the West African Examination Council (WAEC), National Examination Council (NECO), National Teachers Institute (NTI) etc and classroom teachers assess the students by administering weekly, termly, end of year test and final examinations.

Bearing in mind the role that education is suppose to play in nation building, a nation stands the risk In other words, since punitive approach seems to have failed to deter students from engaging in examination malpractices, a preventive approach should be considered through an investigation into the study habits and examination anxiety of students.

INTRODUCTION 1.1 Background to the Study Teachers at different stages use examination to assess and evaluate the academic achievement of students in the school system.

In all teaching and learning situations therefore, it is essential to find out from time to time how much the students are achieving from what they are being taught.


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