An Essay On Spreading Greenery For A Healthy Living

An Essay On Spreading Greenery For A Healthy Living-58
Aspects of Cleanliness Disease prevention and hygiene are said to be the two aspects associated with cleanliness.

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Effective cleaning can forbid viruses and other infectious diseases.

Tips to Maintain Cleanliness: Major tips to maintain Cleanliness personally include brushing and taking bath regularly, washing hands properly before and after every meal, maintaining neatly trimmed nails and eating healthy food.

It includes your house, your neighbourhood, your city as well as keeping your country clean or keeping your surroundings clean.

In this way, cleanliness has more of a cultural and social impact on society as a whole.

Keeping up cleanliness is the basic piece of solid living since it is the cleanliness just which enhances our identity by keeping clean remotely and inside.

Conclusion We should all do our bit to maintain cleanliness in the areas we live or visit.

With proper education about the importance of cleanliness, the characteristics should be developed in the kids so that they will continue this habit throughout their life.

The importance of cleanliness and its impact on the person should be taught to everyone from an early age.

It is necessary to keep yourself clean to avoid any type of diseases from affecting you and it will help you to be fresh and active all day.

Keeping yourself clean is the first step towards cleanliness. Whether it be your room, school, garden, community, society, etc., you should keep it neat and tidy.


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