An Essay On Terrorism Happens Because

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We have to dig deeper in order to understand why extremists act this way and what makes them choose this way to spread their beliefs and convictions.

Along with politically and emotionally biased judgments, terrorist attacks often provoke aggressive social attitude toward representatives of potentially dangerous groups of people.

Tragic events cause the spreading of prejudice and negative stereotypes about immigrants, Middle Eastern cultures, Arabic language and culture, Muslims, etc.

Such a tendency is beneficial for terrorist organizations as they are perceived by the population as more influential and numerous than they actually are.

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Sample Literature Review For Dissertation - An Essay On Terrorism Happens Because

However, if it is hard for you to find required sources and write a high-quality paper, then Essay Shark can help you. The writer investigates how our society should and should not react to terrorist attacks. We offer you this opportunity to read our essay sample about terrorism below.Even if we suggest that different individuals from the Middle East alone are responsible for each act, it is clear that the number of terrorists among immigrants is much less then 0.005%.Loren Thompson, former Deputy Director of the Security Studies Program at Georgetown University, indicates five responses that are “likely to encourage further terrorist attacks: overreacting, blaming immigrants, adopting repressive measures, attacking the threat and its source, and turning to a strong leader.” As seen, the author claims the terrorist attacks to be the factor that also changes the political behavior of society.Your paper will be organized exactly as you want it.Moreover, our writers stick to academic standards while writing papers. Get accompanied in your writing by a professional writer! In this modern world, terrorism has become a hazardous threat to all the countries around the world as it will cause devastating casualties and economy impact in any of the countries.According to Krueger and Maleckova (2003), the term terrorism is defined as “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience.” Terrorism is basically an act of the terrorists to convert a message such as ideological, religious or political object through violence or destruction.The more destructive it is, the more audiences they will have.Thus, terrorists will be greatly increased if they can influence people around the world to achieve the objectives or goals that the terrorists’ group has plotted.


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