An Essay On War

An Essay On War-23
Although attempts have been made to abolish it, success has not been achieved so far. There are people who justify wars and say that it is necessary because it is the law of nature.They highlight their point by placing Charles Darwin at their front.It was he who established the principle of survival of the fittest.

These terrorist attacks are nothing but the misguided zeal of a few derailed members of our society.

They work under some provocations which have no goals.

Humans must be taught that war is not the solution to all of our problems because it creates loss of confidence, trigger economic Some people claim that causes about religion may lead governments to involve in wars.

It is asserted that people may want to get control of holy areas.

The cold war between Russia and American is another example of Nationalism.

A war generally sweeps away the strongest and best men of a country and leaves the aged, the weak and the unfit to carry on the race.Also it stops them needing to give them something back and sharing the land for example.A war that has been caused by nationalism was the Second World War; Nationalism was used by their leaders to generate public support in Germany.For example, pope arranged the Crusades to get Jerusalem.This position goes on further argue that some may use wars to spread their religion.In this struggle only those will succeed who are the fittest.Thus, war is held necessary without which there will be any development of humanity.They forget that if Gandhi could oust the powerful Britishers by dint of non violence, why not others follow the same foot print. War is the enemy of all humanity and human civilisation. Whatever be the cause of war, it always results in destruction of life and property at large.Wars are necessary evils and their horrors are so many and of such magnitude that they cannot be described in words. One obnoxious face of modern warfare is terrorism which targets the strongest of the strong and causes dangers beyond control of anyone.It’s a clash of interests which results in violent armed struggles and can affect We also go to war and have conflicts between different countries because of a shortage of resources in one country and that country wanting to win over the land to win the resources with the result of winning the land and resources helping the country financially.For example in Afghanistan we are fighting for territorial purposes to protect the oil that passes near Afghanistan.


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