An Persuasive Essay About Abortion

An Persuasive Essay About Abortion-54
They are often involved in relationships which make it difficult for them to make contraceptive decisions on their own.These women often find themselves in poverty as they are unable to afford the many children they continue to have.

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Having a baby which the woman is unable to care for keeps the woman in a cycle of poverty and deprivation.

This oppression often makes it so that women are unable to make decisions about their reproductive rights.

By having the option of abortion available to them these women can make a decision about their reproductive rights and options.

The primary argument against abortion is that it is essentially murder which is against the First Amendment and our laws.

The pros of abortion are often highlighted in cases in which women are raped or sexually abused and a pregnancy results.

Supporters of abortion argue that women should not be forced to have a baby after a horrible incident such as a rape. Some individuals also support abortion in cases in which there may be medical problems which would significantly limit the quality of life for the baby that would be born.

Abortion is one of the most divisive issues facing our country today.

Supporters and critics of abortion will usually define themselves as being strictly pro-choice, in that they support a woman’s right to make decisions about her body, or strictly pro-life, in that they believe the fetus is a human life which should not be destroyed.

They would argue that a fetus is not a person right at conception which makes it okay to terminate a pregnancy early in the first trimester which often when abortions occur.

Those who support abortion would argue that abortion is a safe medical procedure which significantly relieves the woman of the stress of having an unwanted pregnancy.


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