Ancient Greece Homework Ideas

Ancient Greece Homework Ideas-72
Using this, they will write their own Greek myth stories.

They will also learn about the ways the Ancient Greeks have influenced our lives today.

The children will learn to make notes and collect information.

This half term the children will learn about Ancient Greece.

They will use different sources to research the lives of the Ancient Greeks including the Olympic Games, the Battle of Marathon, religious beliefs and the city states of Athens and Sparta.

The cultures of the two cities were very different.

Short Essay On Civil Disobedience Movement - Ancient Greece Homework Ideas

Sparta was almost entirely focused on war and how to fight, while Athens focused on the arts and learning.They were often rivals and fought each other in the Peloponnesian Wars.At other times they united together in order to protect the Greek lands from invaders.In art, the children will create their own pottery based on Ancient Greek designs.Towards the end of the topic, the children will take part in their own Ancient Greek Day.Everything from government, philosophy, science, mathematics, art, literature, and even sports was impacted by the Ancient Greeks.Athens and Sparta Athens and Sparta were the two main city states that ruled much of ancient Greece.Continue using previous websites and revision books to practice for the SAT’s. Then join us as we discover ten fascinating facts about Ancient Greece!They loved watching plays, and most cities had a theatre – some big enough to hold 15,000 people!Only men and boys were allowed to be actors, and they wore masks, which showed the audience whether their character was happy or sad.


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