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What justification for such a claim may be found in the writing?What is the connection between the ‘subject-matter’ of and the psychoanalytical theory with which Stokes was now indeed intimately acquainted, that inaugurated by Sigmund Freud and developed by his own analyst Melanie Klein, and to which he would himself begin to contribute only a few years later?Such contemplation is exaggerated by a contemplative, non-practical life.

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For this reason, whatever admiration I have for your equally famous contemporaries as artists, I do not share your admiration for them as intellectual leaders. The vastly extended areas of fact, pure fact, and the vastly extended areas of fantasy, pure fantasy, must be more comprehended before they are re-related.

And in ‘The Outer and the Inner Life’ this latter passage is followed by the comment: This formulation of my basic subject came to me today as something of a revelation: but the real surprise was the realization that I was only compressing the subject-matter of ‘Sunrise in the West’ which I wrote, long before acquaintance with psycho-analysis, fifteen years ago.

It is the realization of this new enquiry, then, which is the basis of all my thought and the reason for my preoccupation with art which embodies the supreme blending of subject and object, particularly visual art.32 was reiterated in a letter to the painter Graham Bell a year or more later, in which he wrote, ‘it certainly is the book that I always have [been], and always will be, re-writing’.33In what sense is this true?

Stokes’s letter is undated but must have been written between November and December 1942: he there makes reference to an article ‘about American industrial civilization’ in the ‘current’ number of the magazine which clearly corresponds to one by the American novelist Henry Miller in the November issue.17 The outcome of the essay’s submission, as reported to Macleod, was that Connolly sent it back with a note saying that he couldn’t understand it, but as far as he did understand it [it] appeared to be an attack on intellectuals: not a lucid & documented attack i.e.

intellectual, which would be the only kind he might publish.


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