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Freud had, after all, spent most of his efforts on the id and the unconscious side of psychic life.As she rightly pointed out, the ego is the "seat of observation" from which we observe the work of the id and the superego and the unconscious generally, and deserves study in its own right.

Ego psychology Unlike Jung and Adler, she remained faithful to the basic ideas her father developed.

However, she was more interested in the dynamics of the psyche than in its structure, and was particularly fascinated by the place of the ego in all this.

What do you do with the child, for whom family crises and traumas and fixations are present events, not dim recollections?

First, the relationship of the child to the therapist is different.

At least, that's what happened with Jung and Adler.

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In the meantime, though, his daughter Anna was attending lectures, going through analysis with her father, and generally moving towards a career as a lay psychoanalyst.She is probably best known for her book The Ego and the Mechanisms of Defense, in which she gives a particularly clear description of how the defenses work, including some special attention to adolescents' use of defenses.The defenses section of the chapter on Freud in this text is based as much on Anna's work as on Sigmund's.In this way, Freudian theory can be applied, not only to psychopathology, but to social and developmental issues as well.Erik Erikson is the best-known example of an ego psychologist.A child keeping pace with most of his or her peers in terms of eating behaviors, personal hygiene, play styles, relationships with other children, and so on, could be considered healthy.When one aspect or another of a child's development seriously lagged behind the rest, the clinician could assume that there was a problem, and could communicate the problem by describing the particular lag.Child psychology But Anna Freud was not primarily a theoretician.Her interests were more practical, and most of her energies were devoted to the analysis of children and adolescents, and to improving that analysis.Research She also influenced research in Freudian psychology.She standardized the records for children with diagnostic profiles, encouraged the pooling of observations from multiple analysts, and encouraged long-term studies of development from early childhood through adolescence.


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