Anna Quindlen Essay Motherhood

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But we know the hopes, dreams, fears, and wonder expressed in all her columns, for most of us share them.

With her NEW YORK TIMES-based column, "LIF"A panopticon of life in this decade, sure to be valuable to future social historians She touches on life, love, home, family, work, men, women, children and issues large and small."CHICAGO TRIBUNEThe voice is Anna Quindlen's.

Anna Quindlen’s short story Mothers reflects on the very powerful bond between a mother and a daughter.

A bond that she lost at the age of nineteen, when her mother died from ovarian cancer.

A graduate of Vassar College, Quindlen went on to be a reporter and then human interest columnist for the New York times.

Before graduating, she took on the role of freshman dormitory counselor, mentoring first year students in everything from abortions and birth control to what major would land them a quality job upon graduation.I know what I have and I know that some people never get to have it.When you lose people in your life you lose the ability to be naive and complacent, you lose the ability to take relationships for granted.If my husband and I were having problems I could ask her how dad and she got through it. I have seen it tear people down and make people stronger.But more than those things, she became my best friend, she needed me t... I have seen it make people bitter and I chose for it to make me grateful.When I became an adult this ritual became a huge part of my life.I needed my moms experience to guide me through all the minefields of becoming the woman I am now.Yet, she desired much more than just marriage, and, after procuring a full time housekeeper, Quindlen enrolled at Vassar and made her way in the world.After landing a job at the Times, she purchased a three room studio apartment and became a city person and quality columnist, never looking back, eventually winning a Pulitzer in journalism for her efforts before turning to the novel writing that we know so well today.When I found out I was pregnant at twenty she was the first person I wanted to talk to. She reassured me that everything was going to work out and one day this would seem like a blessing.When my son got sick and I was scared and tired and didn't know what to do, I could call her at am and she would come over to watch him for a while. amazing ability to be able to plan a future and when that future is altered we want to hold on to it.


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