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My pride was compounded by watching the other Y members start and finish their workouts while I was still going strong.I indulged in my usual post-workout meal, my only food for the day: Lean Cuisine herb roasted chicken, the lowest-calorie of any of the frozen dinners sold at my local grocery store.

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The storm occurs when the realities of college life—increased workload, less structure, and more focus on peers—collide with anxieties, learning issues, or poor self-esteem.

A young woman who was able to manage stress and stay afloat during high school with a lot of hard work and support from her parents might find herself drowning in the confusing, complicated world of college.

I ate not because I was hungry, but because it was routine.

And I, if anyone, had the discipline to stick to a routine.

NEDA reports that 35% of “normal” dieters progress to unhealthy dieting, and of those, 20-25% develop partial or full-syndrome eating disorders.

An eating disorder is diagnosed when these behaviors are sustained over time—becoming dangerous, all-consuming and unmanageable.If someone is starting to withdraw from normal activities because of anxieties about eating, weight, and shape that would be cause for concern.”Eating disorders in college students are serious, and can be life-threatening in some cases.“There is a woeful lack of awareness about how serious these disorders are,” says Dr.In triumph, I grabbed my sneakers and headed out to the Y for my daily hour-and-a-half workout on the elliptical (which, according to an extensive spreadsheet I had created, burned slightly more calories than the treadmill).As I headed home, I was still enthused by my extraordinary lack of hunger throughout the day.Eating disorders develop when the need to feel control over a stressful environment is channeled through food restriction, over-exercise, and an unhealthy focus on body weight.“College can be a time of a lot of excitement and stimulation and also a lot of stress,” explains Dr.Baker, a child and adolescent psychopharmacologist. “It asks young people who are not yet adults to act in a very adult way, especially if they’re contending with mental illness and suddenly have to begin managing it on their own.”“The stress of a college schedule, managing a new social context, and dealing with independent living can trigger re-emergent anxiety or, in some cases a new mental illness,” explains Dr.The challenges of college life, adding pressure to underlying mental health issues, create what Dr.Alison Baker calls a “perfect storm” for these disorders, the most common of which are anorexia and bulimia.“To what extent do the eating, weight, shape, body image concerns really start to dominate?For example you decide not to go to a party because you’re too worried about your weight, or you can’t enjoy any beach activities because you won’t put on a bathing suit.


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