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Half children at each age level were presented with word stimuli; the other half were presented with pictorial stimuli.

The percentage correct on the test was recorded for each child.

For example, consider the following hypothetical experiment on age differences in memory for words and pictures.

Sixteen 8-year-old children and 16 12-year-old children were shown a set of stimuli and later given a test to see how well they could recognize the stimuli that had been presented.

Data were acquired from the Programme for International Student Assessment from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The total sample included 150 cases randomly selected from 240 schools in Massachusetts and 150 schools in Germany.

Whereas the -test can only be used compare TWO groups, analysis of variance can be used to compare TWO OR MORE groups.

EXAMPLE 1: Three groups of people with different sets of instructions look at a list of words: Group A uses visual encoding: Is the word in capital letters?

The descriptive statistics may be presented numerically, graphically, or both.

The results of the analysis of variance should be discussed with reference to a graph of the group means. Describe the relevant outcomes and back up any claims with the results of statistical tests.


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