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"Antidepressants are overprescribed and underprescribed in the United States," Olfson says.

"Antidepressants are overprescribed and underprescribed in the United States," Olfson says.

This is caused by the everyday events placed on a person by such things as family, friends, school, and work.

A natural depression can last from just one day to a couple of months.

"I would say at least half the folks who are being treated with antidepressants aren't benefiting from the active pharmacological effects of the drugs themselves but from a placebo effect," says Steven Hollon, Ph D, a psychology professor at Vanderbilt University who has conducted extensive research on the effectiveness of antidepressants.

"If people knew more, I think they would be a little less likely to go down the medication path than the psychosocial treatment path." The use of psychotropic drugs by adult Americans increased 22 percent from 2001 to 2010, with one in five adults now taking at least one psychotropic medication, according to industry data.

6 Print version: page 36 Writing a prescription to treat a mental health disorder is easy, but it may not always be the safest or most effective route for patients, according to some recent studies and a growing chorus of voices concerned about the rapid rise in the prescription of psychotropic drugs.

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Many Americans visit their primary-care physicians and may walk away with a prescription for an antidepressant or other drugs without being aware of other evidence-based treatments — such as cognitive behavioral therapy — that might work better for them without the risk of side effects.

There are several types of chemicals in neurotransmitters; serotonin, neropinephrine, and dopamine.

Anti-depressants work by either providing more of said chemicals to the body or by blocking reuptake cells that pick the chemical back up after it has been released to allow the chemical more time to reach its' destination.

Since the launch of Prozac, antidepressant use has quadrupled in the United States, and more than one in 10 Americans now takes antidepressants, according to the CDC.

Antidepressants are the second most commonly prescribed drug in the United States, just after cholesterol-lowering drugs.


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