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In practice, some words are called synonyms, just because they are used to describe the same "fact" in different parts of the world.

The Synonyms and Antonyms form an integral part of the English Language.

Acquaintance with the vocabulary of the English language is a necessity for effective expression either in written or in an oral from.

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English is rich in synonyms because during the centuries it adopted a variety of foreign languages - most notably French, German and Latin. If a word in a sentence is changed, usually the meaning and perception of the sentence is also slightly altered - hopefully to the point of being more precise in its description.

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Often we are looking for another word, to express something we have in mind.

Since synonyms are usually nuanced variations with slightly different meanings, their use will emphasize special characteristics, and thus the text will be more precise.

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"assign a doctor" / "dismiss doctor" at least one more option to the mentioned above ))) The opposite of "ad" in Latin is "ab", and it's used in words such as "abstain", "absolve", "abdicate" etc.

What should I call a procedure of removing an assignment, so an operator no longer works with a user or group of users? one of the word's definitions is - "discharge from employment or office" which fits quite perfectly as far as I can see.


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