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The AP Biology test is based on the AP Biology course taught by high school biology teachers in schools in the United States and around the world.The course is expected to be comparable to a two-semester introductory biology course taught at the college or university level.A typical test is developed over the course of two years, undergoing many drafts and modifications.

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Both college and high school readers work toward development of rubrics that incorporate the breadth and depth of what students know.

ETS has done a number of studies to determine how students who have taken AP courses and tests in high school have performed later in college.

The Development Committee also promulgates the fundamental themes of AP Biology in a variety of publications that teachers can use in their AP courses.

The eight major themes include “science as a process,” “science, technology, and society,” and “evolution and regulation,” among others.

Finally, there was a strong relationship between taking AP exams in high school and graduating from college in four years with a grade point average (GPA) above 3.0.

In another ETS study (Morgan and Ramist 1998), AP students who received scores of 4 (analogous to college-level B work) or 5 (analogous to a college-level grade of A), and who were exempted from their first one or two semesters of the introductory college biology course, typically performed at a higher level (measured by GPA) in their first upper-level course than did non-AP students who took the introductory sequence at their college.The rubric development is an extraordinarily collegial process, in which readers are encouraged to express their opinions about what should be considered for the standards.College faculty with research expertise relevant to a particular question provide detailed perspectives about what should be part of the rubrics.Many students who took an AP exam completed their college degree in the disciplinary area of that exam.Students taking AP Biology, AP Physics, and AP Calculus often majored or minored in those disciplines.Students who score high enough on the AP Biology exam often receive up to eight semester hours of academic credit at thousands of colleges and universities in the United States.A small committee of college faculty and high school AP Biology teachers, appointed by the College Board, develop the AP Biology test with administrative and technical assistance from the Educational Testing Service (ETS).For those who have attended my workshops, but didn't receive the handout, you can download it.If you have questions about the laboratories, you may wish to visit the University of Georgia AP Biology web site.Teachers need not do the exercises as written, but they are encouraged to meet the specific objectives of the 12 labs.For example, before beginning the molecular biology laboratory, students should understand these laboratory objectives: After finishing the molecular biology laboratory, the students should also be able to meet these objectives: On each AP exam, there are laboratory- or experiment-based multiple-choice questions, and at least one free-response question is based on laboratory experiences.


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