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Hi, I’m Kevin Powell, Editor-in-Chief at Biology Junction, an essential site dedicated to helping those doing advanced placement biology work in high school.I’m a former AP Biology student myself, who now dedicates my life and time in tutoring and providing successful strategies for passing this advanced course and earning college credit.

Your instructor must also prepare you for a challenging exam at the end of the school year which is equivalent to a college-level exam.

This exam is nothing like any other test you’ll take in your life at high school.

The exam process features 63 multiple choice questions, six grid-in math questions, two long free-response essay questions, and six short free-response questions.

All in all, the exam process takes four hours to complete.

At the end of the test, you will see a scoring screen with your results. You will need to self-assess your responses for section 2.

Note: This online test was created for devices that support Adobe Flash Player.“Cracking The AP Biology Exam” by The Princeton Review is the perfect book to accompany your class notes when studying towards the AP Biology exam.The Princeton Review is known for publishing top quality review books, and the material in this particular book is no disappointment for anyone looking for a good AP Biology review book.The concepts in this book deliver all of the information needed to get a top score in the AP Biology exam.The book contains a review of each of the topics that are covered in the course and is broken up into easy to understand sections.Our site provides the best AP Biology review content and provides helpful information for both students and teachers of the subject.Biology Junction has a dedicated team of specialists whose mission in life is to turn AP Biology from what some would call a lackluster science lecture series into a more proactive learning experience.It also gives you an extensive guide on how to create your own study plan and the best ways to approach studying towards the exam.The book is great because it provides helpful test-taking tips which may not be covered in a day at school, and provides advice on how to best approach the exam.AP Biology is an introductory biology class for students who want to study the field of biology further beyond high school.Several essential biological topics and material are covered on an AP biology course.


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