Ap Biology Essay 2008

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Since UF is so large, I would like to get out of those three-hundred-student freshman seminars.

I am aiming for a score of a five-- or at least a four-- on each of the tests.[Ed.

To gain access, you need to have received a password from me by contacting me directly.

When you e-mail me, you will need to prove you are a teacher by mailing me from your school e-mail address and by giving me the following information: (1) your school contact info (address & school telephone), (2) chairperson's contact, (3) principal's contact, and (4) if you have, a link to a Web page listing you as faculty member.

I am sure that I will earn at least a four, possibly a five. I’ve always hated the multiple choice section, but like the calculus exam, I can’t really study for this test either. Hence, I will go over Heart of Darkness, The Loved One and Macbeth for potential essay prompts tomorrow.

I don’t feel too much pressure for this exam because I already have the English credits from the language exam last year.

Some of my Regents lectures are supported by Powerpoint presentations.

If you are not familiar, Regents is a 10th grade very simplified introduction to Biology, that is limited by a state-wide exam.

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