Ap Biology Essay Standards

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However, our actual AP Biology product is 100% updated to match the format of the new 2020 exam. Predict your AP Biology exam with our AP Biology score calculator below to gain a better understanding of where you stand. Check out our AP Biology section for tons of review articles.You will likely spend more time on each of the two long free-response questions than on each of the six short-response questions.Take the time to make your answers as precise and detailed as possible while managing the allotted time.A description is a detailed verbal picture of something; a description question is generally asking for “just the facts.” This is not the place for opinions or speculation.Instead, you want to create a precise picture of something’s features and qualities.Questions that ask you to compare or contrast are asking you to analyze a topic in relation to something else.A question about comparison needs an answer that is focused on similarities between the two things.A simple description of an experimental setup would not be an adequate answer to the latter question.Instead, you would need to describe that setup and talk about why it would be an effective method of measuring the result.A description question might, for example, ask you to describe the results you would expect from an experiment.A good answer here will provide a rich, detailed account of the results you anticipate.


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