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Ap English Essay Checklist-54
However, sometimes materials are not directly related to an AP prompt.

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Although they may be flawed, the papers, nevertheless, display consistent control over the elements of effective writing and reveal the students' ability to read with perception and to express ideas with clarity and skill.

Papers with a score of 9 will sing while 8 papers are almost there with just a few flat notes.

These papers attempt to explain the passage but do so inaccurately or ineffectively.

They may present misguided or underdeveloped analysis of point of view, syntax, diction, detail, organization and/or fail to relate them to the thesis.

These papers adequately demonstrate an understanding of the passage.

Tone identification may not be as precise or thesis as forcefully worded as in 9-8 essays.The papers mistake examples of diction for detail or vice versa and may involve paraphrasing and/or omit analysis altogether.Generally the prose reveals weak control over writer's elements as diction, organization, syntax or grammar.Two papers will paraphrase from the selection while the one essays omit any reference to the text.These well-organized and well-written essays clearly demonstrate an understanding of how the poet expresses the complex attitude of the speaker.Choices of proof may be less effective than those in 9-6 range or not from throughout the passage.Although adequate to convey the students' thoughts, the writing is not as well conceived, organized or developed as that in papers scoring in the upper half.The essays may be unacceptably brief, may be poorly written on several counts and/or may contain many distracting errors in grammar and mechanics.Although they may have attempted to answer the question, the views presented typically have little clarity or coherence.These papers are not as thorough, precise, or aware of complexities as the top scoring papers.They may deal with fewer narrative techniques, and analysis may be less perceptive or less developed than that of the better essays.


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