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My reading and writing skills are good, so I was hoping that I would be able to develop better working habits while taking the class.

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Should I be worried or do you think I’ll have a good chance at bettering my work ethic along the way?

Advanced Placement European History (commonly known as AP Modern European History, AP Euro, AP European, APEH, or MEHAP), is a course and examination offered by the College Board through the Advanced Placement Program.

Although this is the general trend based on past AP Exams, it is not mandated that the exam follow this format.

In recent years and present, the multiple choice portion is Stimulus Based, meaning the students are given an excerpt of a speech or writing, photograph, or painting, to analyze and answer questions and/or give presentations on the given info.

Lorenz Fries is a catholic archbishop and the revolts are driven out of Luther’s doctrines.

He said that the peasants are troublesome and the revolt should be stopped, but he most likely said this to get people to turn their backs on Lutheranism and accept Catholicism.If you had these do you know where the questions are taken from?I noticed the true/false questions are on some Quizlets, but only for a few chapters.In document 1 Leonhard van Eck states that the peasants were This document is written by peasants hence the encouragement for the revolt, although Lotzer might be saying this so that we may be the leader of this revolt and he is a craftsman so this might get more people to notice his craft, he then gains more money.Document 8 is the complete opposite perspective of the peasants gaining power and the revolt.In the early 1500s religious reforms were constant throughout all of Germany, including the ideas of Martin Luther.Martin Luther brought the idea of equality to the peasants (1,3,6) , which in term started the revolts.The DBQ is graded out of 7 points and the LEQ is graded out of 6 points.This new structure went into effect beginning Fall 2017.Basically, we have quizzes called VRQs on each chapter weekly, and I was wondering if anyone else had these.There’s vocabulary, true and false, and chronology on the quiz .


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