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For each, you need to be able to: Also read "Douglass" and answer included questions. Take notes as you read (your questions, observations, etc.). Greek Tragedy resource.​Strophe and Antistrophe meanings. Fri, 2/2Carefully read the beginning of Sound and Sense Chapter 4 (Imagery), pages 49-54.Consider and be prepared to discuss the questions for poems 34 & 35.Tues, 3/20Final Drafts of Sonnet and Explication due ANDSelect 3 specific passages from To the Lighthouse that you feel can help create bridges to specific elements of Hamlet.

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Tues, 3/6Finish To the Lighthouse Monday, 3/12Sonnet due - two copies, one annotated ASSIGNMENT SHEETAlso see Sound and Sense, pages 218-220AND​Paper on sonnet due See assignment sheet above.

Review pages 344-373, "Writing About Poetry" in Sound and Sense.

Tues, 2/20Bring in Permission Slip and $35 cash if you wish to go on Mo MA field trip on 3/28Thurs, 2/22Finish Reading "The Window" (Chs X-XIX; up through page 124) of To the Lighthouse.

Continue to take notes using focus questions above.

Be prepared to discuss your ideas in brainstorming groups. ​​Mo MA Assignments Tues, April 17th Read Chapters 1-26 (I-XXVI) in Jane Eyre. Notes will not be collected or graded, but please take notes for discussion prep.

Mon, 3/26Carefully read and annotate these "Postmodernism" handouts, which offer some initial definitions of "postmodern" literature (and art). Thurs, April 19th Complete Draft of Hamlet / To the Lighthouse Essay due.Through this study, the students sharpen awareness of language and understanding of writers’ craft.They develop critical standards for the independent appreciation of any literary work, its language, characters, action, and themes.You may also scan the questions for the other poems in the chapter.Then, read and annotate "Scars" by Peter Meinke, and make a set of 6 guide questions for the poem so that it would fit into this chapter.​Thurs, 2/8Bring Hamlet books.Although students will have no way of knowing the exact questions ahead of time, the College Board makes questions from previous years available so that test-takers can get an idea of how their knowledge and composition skills will be assessed.The best way to practice is to write AP test style questions under similar conditions.Most common terms on AP Lit test - you don't have to memorize all of them to be successful, but may wish to brush up on those that are unfamiliar.2. Carefully annotate poem, and make a brief outline of how you would answer this question.3.Practice Multiple Choice: give yourself about 20 minutes to do these. Thurs, 1/18:​Review the major works of fiction that we have studied (novels and plays). What does it reveal about the purpose of theater, and literature? Then we started reading Oedipus Tues, 1/30Read Oedipus Rex (pgs 1-81). Why do you think it is still considered a cultural touchstone, today?Completion of summer reading and writing is a requirement of this course.A more detailed course description is available here: AP LIT COURSE DESCRIPTION / EXPECTATIONS HANDOUTList of all previous AP Lit Open Prompts (question 3) Hints for Making Timed AP Lit Essays More Effective Mr Nulf's Guidelines for Analytical Writing (Power-Point) AP Literature Standards-Based Rubric for Literary Analysis Beloved Online Text (searchable by word with CTRL-F) Summer 2017 - Lewis and Clark Leadership Program in Montana *Basic Glossary of Literary Terms *Another Literary Glossary UNC Writing Center "Handouts": *Writing About Literature Handout from UNC *Thesis Statements Handout from UNC *Introductions Handout from UNC *Paragraph Development Handout from UNC *Transitions Handout from UNC *Conclusions Handout from UNC *MLA Format & Style Guide (Purdue OWL) **Writing College Admissions Essays *More on College Admissions Essays *AP Lit Exam Questions and Scored Responses MOMA resource for Postmodernism *Goon Squad Character Map *Alison Blake's Power-point Chapter on Egan's website *100 Years of Solitude Character Map *Emily Brontë Resource Page *Wuthering Heights Resource Page *Wuthering Heights Searchable Online Text *Brontë Sisters Action Figures 100Yrs of Solitude Resources: A Pig's Tail, A Pig's Eye Chronology, From Bloomsbury to Barranquila Intertextuality Principles of Construction Artistic Rendering of the Buendia Family Tree Thursday, 1/4: Final draft of Stream of Consciousness Writing ANDDo the first 23 multiple choice questions on this Practice AP Literature Exam. Wed, 1/17: Carefully read and review the three handouts:1.


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