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You clear your table, sit on your favorite chair and get ready to issue a ‘thumbs up or down' as you go through the pages on a book of poetry or novel. The review doesn't exactly mean that your reader is seeking to hear your personal opinion. A literature review refers to any collection of data on a topic; it doesn't have to be necessarily famous literary works.

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By the time you complete your literature review you should have written an essay that demonstrates that you: Thus, a literature review synthesizes your research into an explanation of what is known and what is not known on your topic.

If the topic is one from which you want to embark on a major research project, doing a literature review will save you time and help you figure out where you might focus your attention so you don’t duplicate research that has already been done.

You can’t draw a cat before you learn what a cat is and, even more importantly, what it’s not.

A cat is a small house pet, but it’s not a guinea pig; it likes milk, but it’s not a mongoose.

The literature of a literature review is not made up of novels and short stories and poetry—but is the collection of writing and research that has been produced on a particular topic.

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The purpose of the literature review is to give you an overview of a particular topic.If you have any problems in writing your literature review outline, ask for professional writing help online.A literature review is an academic survey of journal articles, thesis, dissertations, or books related to a specific issue, an area of study, or concept.This is not yet a paper – you discuss the sources (by the way, don’t forget to proofread your paper by Grammarly). Well, it’s time to learn how to outline a literature review! For example, literature review outline writing like this will do you a good job: Example of an outline format And now, it’s time for you to see an example of an outline for literature review writing!And here’s what you can discuss: It seems that you’re quite ready for a great sample of a literature review format! When creating a literature review plan, it’s best to use a template to guide you.When you start writing a literature review, you should keep the following issues in mind: Writing a good literature review is not an easy task.It requires quite a lot of reading and researching.The following presentation will provide you with the basic steps to follow as you work to complete a literature review.Seeing a sample literature review can be a helpful way to get started.A literature review is a search and evaluation of the available literature on your given subject or chosen topic area.It documents the state of the art with respect to the subject or topic you are writing about.


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