Apartheid Essay Prompts

Whereas most white South Africans live in detached and comfortable houses with servants and swimming pools, the majority of blacks live in overcrowded areas that lack basic services. Progress is slow however because most effort has been put in to find the money for this program.But money is not an easy thing to get I South Africa.Hardly anything has been done to improve the situation with South Africa’s education.

Many black farmers also lost all their land, so it is clear that many blacks lost a lot of land because of Apartheid.

But returning land that has been taken for such a long time is a difficult procedure, since legal documents that blacks once possessed were mostly lost or forgotten about.

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In February/March 2003, South Africa competed in the cricket world cup for the first time.

Apartheid ended because the government literally couldn’t control the country.

A phenomenally high violence rate, economic sanctions and no black skilled workers was making South Africa fall.

But the people of South Africa need many things improved.

Most importantly were the land situation, housing, education, violence and crime and racism.

So, in 1954, the government passed the Natives Resettlement Act.

It was to move all 57,000 people out of Sophia town.


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