Architectural Thesis On Old Age Home

-improving the mobility and self dependency of old people .-enhancing the social and community life of the old people.I want to create a common home for two generations so that old people can fill the emptiness in their lives and children get the appropriate guidence from the old ones.i want to create a space for their interaction and create a common shelter.

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We already have sufficient stratification, segregation, and institutionalization in the society that we do not need to make more of the same.

When you came of age you were taken to school which defined and shaped who you are.

The �office� also came up as a type to take people away from nature and the family set up.

Where are we taking our innate sense of community and communal living?

- NRI population who have saved enough to come back to their homeland to retire in peace.

-City senior citizens looking for a clean-green environment to retire a little away from the chaos of the city..

The other institutions that contributed to your being, perception and interpretation of the world are mosques/churches/shrines/temples�, hospitals, prisons, orphanages� you name them.

You looked at and defined people as belonging to this or that institution.

I am doing my thesis on retirement village, as an optional housing community for the aged with community,medical facilities.

I would also look at hte following aspects- -Relevance of these communities in the Indian context -these communities as a stimulus for the neighbouring villages for employment and other social activities.


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