Architecture And Nature Thesis

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She explored how a photovoltaic textile would change shape and produce electricity according to the solar rhythms.

The textile acted as a filter adjusting daylight, solar heating and privacy within the interior.

The show includes several models of towers and other buildings that seem to swim in empty space, looming over denuded landscapes that contain either no trees or a token, scraggly few.

Or take a 1934 urban plan for the city of Nemours, in Algeria.

In this way design is influenced by time and will not, in contrast to the usual conception of architectural / design solutions, be stable, but flexible and responding.

A central point has been to develop textiles of a really distinct poetic quality that behave according to the temporality of nature.

FULL COVERAGE: 2013 Spring arts preview Summing up the typical view, architect and critic Peter Blake wrote in 1960 that Le Corbusier believed a building “should stand in contrast to nature, rather than appear as an outgrowth of some natural formation.”In general, I admire and even find myself rooting for museum shows that advance surprising arguments about well-known architects.

But this effort to go against the grain of architectural history is a contradictory one, in certain ways divided against itself — in part thanks to how much material it puts on view.

Though much of the research done is primary research, projects like the “Photovoltaic Mashrabiya” or ‘Reef’ suggest potential applications that could be produced within a near to medium term future.

The thesis points at much further reflections about integrating nature in contemporary life and the crafting of self-actuated textiles in the perspective of more resilient futures, such as considering the solutions as embedded in a holistic ecology.


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