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If we lived in a world where people weren’t taught how to act, it seems quite natural that people would act in mostly selfish ways.Our primal instinct is to look out for ourselves first, and that was one of the observations I made in a classroom full of five and six year-olds.

If we lived in a world where people weren’t taught how to act, it seems quite natural that people would act in mostly selfish ways.

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But we must consider that “good” and “evil” are merely value judgements that humans impose on others in order to understand them.

Good and evil aren’t qualities found in things themselves.

Punishment and reward are our greatest motivators, and without these, we would still be living in caves.

From what has just been said, it might seem that humans are born evil since they must be taught how to act in principled ways.

I can’t pull on my scientist’s lab coat, adjust the lens on my microscope, place a human being under the glass slide, and discover whether or not that person is good or evil.

This of course leads to the conclusion that good and evil aren’t scientific and, therefore, don’t exist in the actual world; but, for most people, this answer is unsatisfying.However, how far is the It demonstrated for the first time how brutal people can be to each other.This war was fought because of tension between countries for years that blew up in 1914 with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.The quote, "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" highlights that machines did not kill all these people, people kill those from different countries in order to further their cause and do not stop unless they are successful.World War One was also known as "the war to end all wars" obviously this wasn't true. World War Two demonstrated that people will kill to satisfy themselves. He wanted to make his people, the pure Germans, the master race.People live according to a set of principles, and these vary according to culture.Principles guide behavior, and when these principles are infringed upon, we have societal laws and entertainment (distractions) to keep people in check.A school, for instance, has rules and principles that students must act in accordance with.If these rules and principles aren’t followed, then chaos is sure to ensue. The kindergarteners that I had for two months were unprincipled until I taught them otherwise (Well, I usually bribed them with treats and free time, but that’s beside the point).According to Isaac Newton, every action has a reaction. Humans always disregard the consequences that they consider to be trivial or do not affect them directly.In order to understand this statement, let us take a look at the Mc Donald - Israel relationship.


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