Argumentative Essay About Human Trafficking

The first step to writing the thesis statement is to decide what areas of human trafficking you want to focus.

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Human trafficking (subject) is a growing evil (description) destroying communities (content 1), expanding gang activity (content 2) and robbing the innocence of the world's youth (content 3). The thesis statement is a one or two sentence statement which sets the tone of the paper and gives the reader an overview of the content of the paper.

Human trafficking (subject) is a growing evil (description) destroying communities (content 1), expanding gang activity (content 2) and robbing the innocence of the world's youth (content 3).

The model lets the reader know the subject of the paper, your view of it and the supporting arguments you plan on providing in the paper.

The rule of three makes a paper easy to read and provides enough content for the discussion.

Human trafficking is a global problem that affects the lives of millions of people in almost every country of the world, and which deprives them of their human dignity.

As one of the most disgusting crimes in the world, human trafficking is misleading and makes a sacrifice of women, men and children from all over the world, every day causing them to be exploited.In papers ten pages or less, the thesis statement must come at the end of the introductory or first paragraph.In longer papers, it is acceptable to place the thesis within the first two pages, always at the end of a paragraph.The problem of human trafficking has deep historical and ethno-national roots.At different stages of development of mankind attitudes towards human trafficking was quite liberal.Although the most known form of human trafficking is sexual exploitation, people are also trafficked for forced labor, as armipotence or donors for illegal transplantation of organs. It greatly affects the country in a state of political and economic transition or post-conflict stress, which basically is the country of origin for criminal proceedings universal human trafficking.This phenomenon also affects both the economically more developed countries of destination and countries of transit.Control methods include: debt bondage; confiscation of passports; insulation; threats of violence against the victims and their family members; victims of Finance control.Those victims of human trafficking, paying a terrible price – the physical and psychological trauma, disease, loss of relationships with family and loved ones, emotional trauma, drug addiction, AIDS.In Europe, the majority of convicted traffickers – are male, although the proportion of women involved in this criminal activity is also quite large in comparison to their involvement in other crimes, as some criminal gangs consider women more effective weapon to lure victims, who are at the initial stage trust women more.Job recruiter or operator is also one way of enabling women victims themselves avoid that trap, that trafficking prepares them.


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