Argumentative Essay On Media

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Imitation is the biggest concern of increase of violence.

Monkey see monkey do is definitely true in the case of children wanting to imitate different scenes that are on shown on television and video games.

It does not matter the region of the world or the age, a lot of children and teens watch television shows and video games that are associated with violence. ...essive as those who had watched the real person use the mallet; and both were more aggressive than those who had only watched the cartoon (Research).

In several cases teens imitated television shows and... Imitation and the increase of aggression in a person are both do to watching violent television shows and playing violent video games.

Parents should take into consideration of children learning programs that do not show violent content and also buy none violent video games for their children. There are also new settings on television that parents can set so your children can only view certain shows that are appropriate for them.

Overall mass media does cause violence in society and should be taken more seriously.

Most of the popular video games today are considered violent, in which the main objective is to harm other characters.

Violence that is displayed on television and video games do cause violence in society, due to the increase of wanting to imitate the characters portrayed on the different television shows and video games and the increase of aggression due to what is seen.

” Not a pleasant situation, but not a hopeless one.

After all, solving such problems is what our service was created for!


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